Karen Jurd
Director/Planning & Heritage Consultant
Prior to starting Complete Planning Solutions in 2014, Karen worked as a Planning Consultant with two respected consulting firms. Qualified with a Bachelor in Development Studies, Karen has experience on a diverse range of projects. Karen has worked within all spheres of government. Her extensive network of key industry contacts allows her to coordinate all required documentation to achieve a successful outcome of your development application. Karen likes to relax with good people and appreciates having the vineyards at her back door. Karen’s interests include golf (although she is not good at it), travelling, reading, boating and taking time to focus on what’s truly important in life.
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Our Vision Statement

Advocacy – We provide strong advocacy services ensuring you are treated fairly throughout the development process.  Integrity and loyalty to our clients is paramount. 

Empowerment – We provide personal, professional and practical building and planning advice to our clients.  By sharing our knowledge with each other and our clients makes the development process easy. 

Dialogue – we care about effective and respectful communication between all parties. Listening to our clients’ needs is at the utmost importance.

Excellence & teamwork – with good teamwork we achieve excellent results for our clients. We pride ourselves on being solutions focused.